Matter [Instrumental]

by Clarion Concept

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released May 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Clarion Concept Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Clarion Concept
Behold the witnesses of perception.
They are conceiving dreams awake.
Listen to the world's movement.
Cant see, eyes wide open.

Sound invents the Concept.
Their vision is fading away.
Heightened sense of resonance.
Will the blind soul fly free?
Eyes wide open, cant see.
Will the blind soul fly free?

These thoughts are confusing me.
I stare into darkness through a world that doesn't exist.

I view the world with energy, I can still see.
And do not pass the chance.
I see my thoughts...
A madness inside my mind.

The only time is now, so do not repent.
Envision a world vivified!
Like children staring into clouds of the sky,
As the thoughts pass by showing pictures.

I see my thoughts pass by,
A madness soaring high.
The vision's a Concept inside my mind.

Stare into the sky without the looking glass.
Stare into the light within your darkness.

You will see your soul fly away into the sky.
Floating to a realm of thoughts.
You will see your soul fly away.
It is merely a Concept.
Track Name: Cloud Manifest
A man has a cloud,
An idea in which the life he dreams is in reverse.
As he dreams he wipes his portrait clean.
As he lives he awakens,
The forgiver in view.
When he dies (time of death),
Time begins this free will madness.

Judge the day of man,
And the dreams are fantasies
of what was once a life of choices.

Time begins this free will madness...
...madness will free, this begins time!

As he arises from his slumber
Pandora's evil is set free as the sins of man open (re-open).
The man ages and passes away,
But the cloud (the idea) still floats over a
Freeway of dead bodies
As the Risen watch.

One man's idea can change a man's death.
Which one with the clean slate must endeavor such luxuries?
(The sins)
They are all erasing (fading) away.

The box is already open.
Not fate, but decisions (once upon a time)
Manifested into a cluster explosion.

And the free will of man can change the dead
Just make a cloud and it will glide to another,
As the Risen watch in anticipation.
Track Name: Matter
The power of judgement.
We were all pieces of the same puzzle.

Distract, abandon, surprise.
Matter, its all we are.

The creation of a world that turns without a sense.
It is all a misconception to the mind.
Dust and ash, we were comprised of a machine
To move and become.
A vision, an echo of a Clarion Concept.

It clustered the dead with idea an perspective.

Nothing (at all) but a Cloud Manifest
The Maker's Matter.

Matter, its all we are.
It doesn't belong to us.
Confusion is the path for a civilian.
There is no power.

There is no power.
Do not begin to imagine it with sense!

(Surprise, abandon, distract)

Nothing (at all) but a cloud manifest.
The Maker's Matter.

Selfish misery is all we display.
No turning back.
Rows and columns of the living dead
Track Name: The Living Dead
We are like all matter,
A mass of unknown human understanding.
Our thoughts are nothing (complete destruction).

[The universe grows like all life does;
an everlasting expansion of destruction.
Look into the night and you will see a perspective.
The stars shine one, bodies of mass light.]

We are looking at the living dead,
For what we see does not exist.
A perspective, (everything is) a perspective.

[The light we see is no longer a creation.
Our thoughts are nothing; complete destruction.
They are dead,
A gravity bomb collapsing within itself
Is all thats left.
Yet we see a vision of time
Many lightyears away.}

They laughed. They are laughing. They will laugh.

There must be life, for it is growth,
Like the everlasting universe.
The essence of time has plagued our minds,
For everything is a perspective.

Why is the mind so envious?
Why thoughts so full of hate?

We are dead to them if you look from where they stand.
The human mind is laughing...
It is a ridicule of these dead entities.
Destruction complete.

There must be life, for it is a growth.
Like the everlasting universe.

The essence of time has plagued our minds.
Destruction complete...

We see a vision of time many lightyears away
Our thoughts are nothing.
They are dead.

As we relish our hatred, they laughed at us...
They are laughing at us... They will laugh at us...
And WE are now The Living Dead...
For everything is a perspective...